Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC)?

The CVC is the annual charity drive of the employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

How is the CVC organized?

Two groups of state employees provide statewide leadership and support:

The CVC Advisory Council (CVCAC) is is a state employee committee composed of a representative from each cabinet secretariat, the legislative branch, the judicial branch, seven regional representatives and three state employee's chosen at-large. Each of these members is appointed by their respective executive, at the request of the Secretary of Administration. Members serve three-year terms. The CVCAC is responsible for general campaign oversight. Additionally, it is charged with the continued revision and improvement of CVC and all its processes.

Agency Coordinators are appointed by their respective agency head to organize the CVC within their agency. Our coordinators are a very important and crucial part of the CVC team.

How can a charity participate in the CVC?

Any 501(c)3 charity that provides services which are geared toward health and human services, environmental matters or animal welfare are encouraged to apply to participate in the CVC. The application period is open from March 1 to April 30 of each year. Once a charity has submitted an application, the CVC Advisory Council is responsible for the review and acceptance of all applications. Click on How to Become a CVC charity for details.

How will I know that my contribution actually goes to the charities designated?

If you would like confirmation of your contribution, please request an acknowledgment in the space provided on your pledge card. You also must provide your home address to be shared with the selected organizations for acknowledgment purposes. Charities are required to provide this acknowledgment to the donor within 60 days.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, to the extent allowed by law. For tax purposes, nothing of substantial value is given in return for your contribution.

I have heard stories of feeling pressured to give in the past. Is this valid?

Absolutely not. Employee contributions to the CVC are entirely voluntary and all CVC activities are grounded on the principle of voluntary giving. Activities that do not allow free choices or that even perhaps create the appearance that employees do not have free choice are against the spirit and intent of CVC campaign policy.

How can I learn more about the charities in the CVC?

You can view each accepted charity's complete application on-line. In addition, you can link to that charities website, if available. The CVC promotes informed giving. State employees are entitled to complete and accurate information about the charitable organizations that seek their support.