Donate FAQS

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign's low administrative cost (10% of current year campaign funds) is a lower percentage than most charities spend on fundraising and administrative costs themselves. In 2017, The CVC Advisory Council voted to hire a third party vendor to manage CVC donations, volunteers and the VSEAF grant website. A 10% administrative fee was implemented with the 2020 campaign chargeable to participating charities. Participating charities may opt to have their 10% administrative fee reduced from their disbursement from CVC.

CVC policy is that all undesignated funds will go to the Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund (VSEAF).  

All monetary donations are 100% tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Yes. You can make a donation to an individual fundraiser on an agency team or you can make a general CVC Undesignated donation.

All donations should be mailed with a printout of the pledge card, transmittal report and fundraiser (if applicable) to:

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
PO BOX 63132
CHARLOTTE NC 28263-3132

Please make all checks payable to: Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.

Any donor who mailed their donation and provided an email address will receive a receipt via email once the donation has been processed.

Yes, anyone who donates online, regardless of the amount, will receive a receipt via email.

A Tax ID number identifies your designated charity as a 501(c)(3) non-profit Organization. CVC is not a charity and doesn’t have a TAX ID number

Employees will be able to donate online via payroll deduction and credit card for the 2023 campaign.

Payroll deduction: If employees would like to donate via payroll deduction, you pledge to give a yearly amount that will be divided and deducted over 24 paychecks starting in January. For example, if you wanted to give $240 to Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund, you would select the charity, and designate $240, and you will see the amount that will be deducted from each paycheck, which in this case would be $10 per paycheck. The last day anyone can give via payroll deduction on December 19, 2023. 

Credit card: For credit card donations, employees will supply their credit card information through a third-party vendor, securely. Credit card information is not stored on any government devices or databases. No fees are associated with credit card transactions for donors. The last day anyone can give via credit card is December 31, 2023. 

For the 2023 campaign, we were not able to include all agencies and universities in the payroll deduction process due to technological restrictions. We understand that this is a inconvenience and sincerely apologize for that. We will be correcting this process for the 2024 campaign so please stay tuned! In the meantime, please consider giving via credit card, on the website, or directly giving to an approved CVC Charity and reporting it to us at 

We do not encourage wage employees to give via payroll deduction. Payroll deductions are made in consistent amounts each paycheck, which can impact wage employees based on a variable paycheck amount. We encourage wage employees to give a one-time donation via credit card, direct giving, or by volunteering time.

CVC is encouraging donating online over paper pledges during the 2023 campaign. Donors can donate instantly online and not worry if their donation has been made. CVC does understand that there may be instances where a paper pledge card would suffice. So, for agencies that need paper pledges, please download the individual pledge card, and print as many as you need for your donors. Along with the transmittal report, pledge card(s) and payment method, please mail to the CVC Lockbox address (see below) for processing.

Fundraising FAQ's

Please refer to the fundraiser ideas document here , which is also located on the “For Coordinator” section.

No. Checks must be mailed to CVC address below, after downloading the paper Pledge card and Transmittal Report, which can be found on the “For Coordinators” section of the CVC Website. The status of the check will be pending until the check is received and processed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.

If cash is collected at a CVC Special Event, please convert the cash to money order or check, and mail it to the CVC's lockbox along with the completed special event pledge card and transmittal report. For any other questions, please contact

CVC Lockbox Address

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
PO BOX 63132
CHARLOTTE NC 28263-3132

Include the Deposit Slip when mailing funds collected.

A Tax ID number identifies your designated charity as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Many donors will request this number to validate their donation as tax-deductible. To find the Tax ID of your charity, please contact the CVC charity directly.

CVC is not a charity and doesn’t have a TAX ID number. If you wish to solicit businesses for donations, please contact the charity that you’re raising funds for and request a solicitation letter, which will include the charity’s TAX ID number.

Regarding special events/CVC fundraisers, please collect cash from the event and convert to a check/money order payable to the “Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (spelled out, please). Along with the check/money order, you will mail the multi-donor special event pledge card and transmittal report to the CVC Lockbox address, which you will find on the CVC website under the “For Coordinators” section. (The pledge card shows who donated and where you want the funds to go (CVC charity), while the transmittal report serves a cover sheet to inform CVC of what’s contained within your mailing.) Please retain copies for your records.

Agency Coordinators may utilize the CVC logo to procure your own promotional/swag items to distribute at your CVC events. VCE has the blue/green, black and white silk screen print of the CVC logo, so you wouldn’t have to pay a charge for that, but for the swag items you want. Please refer to your agency’s policy regarding the use of logos on any agency promotional/marketing materials and procurement through VCE. Please contact cvcsupport@dhrm.virginia.govif you have any questions.

Yes. Please refer to DHRM Policy 4.40 School Assistance and Volunteer Service Leave. CVC will be collaborating with another state agency to capture and measure employee participation/volunteer hours. We hope to have this in place officially, before the 2024 campaign. For the 2023 campaign, Coordinators may encourage volunteering with a CVC charity. After the event(s), Coordinators may submit photos and the volunteer letter from the CVC charity, which should show the total hours volunteered, agency and names of the volunteers to Agencies will be recognized during the CVC Recognition event for their “Volunteer” hours.

Furthermore, depending on the Toys for Tots workload and smaller food banks, these organizations may not be able to provide Coordinators with a receipt instantly. CVC recommends Coordinators to record the date of the event, number of toys collected and photos from the event and send to We will refer to your special event request for details. Agencies will be recognized during the post campaign CVC recognition event for their direct giving.