About Us

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) is the annual charity drive of the employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The CVC operates for and by state employees under the Executive Order of Governor EO #27-2014. Multiple groups of state employees provide statewide leadership and support to CVC. The CVC Advisory Council (CVCAC) is a state employee committee composed of a representative from each cabinet secretariat, the legislative branch, the judicial branch, seven regional representatives, and three state employees are chosen at large. Each of these members is appointed by their respective executive, at the request of the Secretary of Administration. Members serve three-year terms. The CVCAC is responsible for general campaign oversight. Additionally, it is charged with the continued revision and improvement of CVC and all its processes. See the full list of the CVC Advisory Council members.

CVC also has two full-time employees at the central CVC location in downtown Richmond. Additionally, Agency Coordinators are appointed by their respective agency head to organize the CVC within their agency. Our coordinators are a very important and crucial part of the CVC team.

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign promotes diversity and inclusion by ensuring that charitable organizations that participate represent a diversity of missions that support all citizens and communities across the state (e.g. Youth, Faith-based, LGBTQ+, Veterans, Persons with disabilities, etc...). Additionally, CVC prides itself by its inclusive policy, ensuring that all charitable organizations regardless of size and operating budget are eligible to participate in the campaign and given equitable access to fundraising strategies, opportunities, activities, and/or events.