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The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) is the tool that facilitates State Employee workplace giving. It is a voluntary employee charitable giving program, which raises funds for numerous nonprofit health and humanitarian organizations throughout the state of Virginia. Since 1997, employees have donated more than $31.8 million to participating non-profit organizations through CVC!

More than 1,000 charities participate in CVC’s annual campaign, which runs from October 1st through December each year. Employees may designate their gift to a specific charity or multiple charities within the program, by giving a one-time donation, or through payroll deduction. CVC also coordinates Special Funds Drives in times of emergencies, resulting in thousands of dollars in aid.. CVC sends 100% of each designated gift to the organization selected by the employee. No overhead or operating fees are deducted by CVC.

This site is provided as a resource for charities, state employees, campaign volunteers, and people who want to be more involved in their communities. Please take a moment to travel the CVC website to learn more about how charities are accepted into the program, and how employees can give back to their communities.