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Why Give to the CVC?

  • All charities participating in the CVC have been pre-screened to ensure that they are fiscally sound and that they perform the services stated.
  • Payroll deduction allows you to budget your contribution throughout the year through regular automated giving.
  • 100% of your designated contribution goes to the charity or charities stated. No administrative fees are taken by the CVC on designated contributions through workplace giving.
  • Giving through the CVC minimizes the intrusive personal solicitation that might occur if you participate in multiple direct fundraising drives. While we have no control over the solictation calls at home from charities, state employees should not be solicited by non-profits at work sites.
  • The CVC operates for and by state employees under the Executive Order of the Governor (#26-2010).
  • There are many opportunities to give. The CVC accepts contributions from employees cash, check, payroll deduction, stock or credit card gifts.


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Making a Difference

Military Family
Injured Service Member Nearly Blinded By Fall
During military training, Bob Smith* fell and suffered a direct hit to the head. In that instant, he hurt his neck and lost partial vision in both eyes.

He sought medical treatment and was given some ibuprofen, and resumed his training. He started getting constant headaches and kept it mostly to himself not realizing how much worse it was getting until he blew out his shoulder. Read more ...
Zach finds his voice at the Sarah Dooley Center for Autism at St. Joseph’s Villa
Zach loves going to school.

Unlike many kids his age, he is not praying for a snow day that will keep him from riding the bus and seeing his teachers and friends. But as a child with autism, school was not always such a happy place for Zach. His mother Jessicah used to face a battle every morning to get him out of the door. As Zach’s meltdowns and self-injuries became more frequent and severe, she realized his needs could not be met by his public elementary school. Read more...

Kirsten Cat
51 Weeks – A Story of Hope
On April 9, 2014 a calico cat named Kirsten Wiig was transported to the safety of Richmond Animal League from an animal control facility in Central Virginia. The municipal facility had maxed out their cat space and was in need of help in order for the cats not to face euthanasia. The Richmond Animal League came to the rescue. All the cats were promised safety and would stay at RAL until a forever home was found. Read more...

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Cumberland High School

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Southampton High School
Second Place High School

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Southampton High School
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Cumberland Middle School
Middle School First Place

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Thornburg Middle School
Middle School Second Place

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Cumberland Middle School
Middle School Third Place

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Eagle View Elementary School
Elementary School First Place

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Christianburg Primary School
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Riverdale Elementary School
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