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Attention New and Returning CVC Charities!

CVC Charity Registration is Open through May 15, 2016

Thank you all for your patience, minor upgrades have been completed. Many of you have already entered your application for 2016. All charities must re-register each year. Most of you will have no problems now that some fixes have been implemented.

  • If you are applying as a NEW charity, you will be able to enter your application following the online prompts. Click on the button below to start.
  • If you are applying as a RETURNING charity and the email for the person who entered the 2015 application is unchanged this will work well.
  • If you are applying as a RETURNING charity and your email is different from the person who entered the 2015 application, you will hit a temporary roadblock. You will need to send us an email telling us your email address so we can change it internally on the system. You will get an email when it has been changed and you can proceed.

CVC Codes remain the same each year. You may request a PIN on the application and it will be sent to the person’s email on the record as of last year. Save your PIN for use through May 15.Please note that all PINs are temporary and do expire. Users can ask for PINs by: Going through the charity portal, and pressing the Returning Charities button, entering their CVC Code (Which can be found here:, and then selecting Request PIN. Please make sure that you have access to the email listed. In the event there has been a change in staff and that email account has been deleted, you will need to write CVC Staff to request a manual change of email address which could take several business days.

Please note that we also have several tools available for new and returning charities and federations in our Dropbox and Facebook Notes Area including guides, tips and tricks.

We strongly encourage CVC Charities to express their communications preferences to stay up-to-date, including leaving the ListServ or if someone else in your organization wants to join the ListServ, to please go here:

Questions or error messages should be reported to We will answer emails in the order in which they are received. We look forward to seeing your application.

Apply NowClick Apply Now to get started.


Why Give to the CVC?

  • All charities participating in the CVC have been pre-screened to ensure that they are fiscally sound and that they perform the services stated.
  • Payroll deduction allows you to budget your contribution throughout the year through regular automated giving.
  • 100% of your designated contribution goes to the charity or charities stated. No administrative fees are taken by the CVC on designated contributions through workplace giving.
  • Giving through the CVC minimizes the intrusive personal solicitation that might occur if you participate in multiple direct fundraising drives. While we have no control over the solictation calls at home from charities, state employees should not be solicited by non-profits at work sites.
  • The CVC operates for and by state employees under the Executive Order of the Governor (#26-2010).
  • There are many opportunities to give. The CVC accepts contributions from employees cash, check, payroll deduction, stock or credit card gifts.

CVC Logo To be added or removed from the CVC Coordinators Directory, go here:

Calendar Icon CVC Calendar of Events

February 15 – March 10 – CVC accepts nominations for individual and team awards.

February 16 – Last day to enter your agency or individual Direct Giving for credit on this campaign. Go to here to report giving.

March 1 – April 30 – Open registration for new and returning CVC charities. Click Apply Now.

March 30 – Annual Volunteer Recognition and Award event – Richmond.


Salvation Army Disaster Relief Teams Giving Disaster Aid The Salvation Army is a Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) charity. See information about Virginia tornado relief. After donating, remember to enter your Direct Gift (2016 CVC Campaign) so your agency gets credit for this gift in this fall’s campaign.

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Shenandoah National Park
Connecting Virginia Youth to their National Park
“…The other kids and I were all from cities—we had never been to a national park and had never slept outside. I think I can speak for the other kids by saying we were nervous.Read more ...
Grandchildren with Aids
Amazing Progress
Unfortunately, it’s not a unique story. A grandmother caring for grandchildren after their parents have died from HIV/AIDS. But in this case, the grandmother had two sets of twins in her care.

She had no income or means to provide shelter or food for the four children, much less pay their school fees. There was no hope. Read more...

Lutheran Services
The Jordans: Always Adapting, Now Adopting
It should come as no surprise that Miles and Deborah Jordan were ready for a change. The Suffolk couple had taken in 94 foster children in 26 years, after all. So, earlier this year, the Jordans adopted Tamiah, 9, Ronnie, 8, and 5-year-old twins Alijah and Amere.

That’s right. The change they wanted wasn’t peace, quiet and a well-earned rest. It was permanency. Read more...

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